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I'm sure you've seen your fair share of people out there making sports handicapping claims they can't back up. You see, I'm not some Johnny come lately - I've been immersed into the world of sports betting for all of my adult life, and picking winners
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As the famous creator of the Exterminator and Demolisher betting systems, the most popular sports betting systems on the marketplace from coast to coast, I've been hounded at just about every corner I turn for my own personal selections in sports. Well...

It's time for you to feel like a kid on Christmas morning again every day as I open my doors to one of the most anticipated sports capping program over the years!

I've amassed a heap of indescribable wealth through my sports betting bonanza over the years, and now you too, can potentially board along the spaceship to sports betting fortune with me as I reveal to you my same breakthrough betting selections that I depend my livelihood on!

Captain Neeraj P., recipient of the prestigious U.S. Meritorious Service Medal, wrote this touching testimony below after he won $4,200.00 with my picks, and became fearful that his bookie will stop allowing him to bet because he was winning way too much money! He proudly declares my personal picks to be a "cash flow machine!"


Captain Neeraj P. is an air force captain and American hero who was awarded the prestigious United States Meritorious Service Medal for his distinguished leadership in the air force.

Captain Neeraj's first feedback about my picks a few weeks into his membership:

Months later, Captain Neeraj sent me his newest followup update:

As the U.S. Meritorius Service Medal recipient puts it: He's afraid that his bookie will stop letting him bet because he's been winning way too much money betting along with my selections. He proudly testifies that my personal picks have paid for itself many times over, and he couldn't be any happier! Captain Neeraj ends his letter declaring that my personal picks is the best investment he has ever encountered in his lifetime!


Severin Lewandowski suffered devastating strokes leaving him with permanent brain injury. He is now blind in his eyes, and relies on my personal picks to generate income for his bills and daily living expenses. Severin says: "Your personal picks are cashing in at nearly an 80% clip. So far in just 30 days, I am up 42 units!! All I can say is AMAZING!"

Severin Lewandowski suffered severe strokes, and as is now blind due to serious brain injury. His loss of vision, coupled with brain trauma has left him in a devastating living condition.

Managing Director and Head of the Gaming Department for Citizens Bank says: "I think the picks are awesome! Look forward to working with you for a long time to come!"

This executive serves as the prestigious director for Citizens Bank, one of the largest banks in the United States. He is the Head of the Gaming Department who oversees the largest capital investments for gambling-related projects out of Citizens Bank. He is responsible for the identification, financing, and acquisition of gambling-related assets across the United States that have potential for the biggest returns on investment. He can probably tell you better than anyone can about what's a good investment on a betting service.

If you're going to listen to anyone about investing your money into anyone's picks, listen to the head of the Gaming department at one of the biggest banks in the United States who oversees capital investments on gambling related ventures. He testified in handwriting about just how well my picks have worked for him after seeing the miraculous results exploding right in front of his eyes!

In my adult life I advanced to become the creator of the world's best-selling sports betting systems that have taken the industry by storm. As a matter of fact, one of my betting systems' success was so far-reaching that it actually ran a major sportsbook out of business!

Now, I spend my life scrupulously toiling over the sporting database to establish, enhance, and sustain a methodology to picking out sports betting winners. In front of you right now is a fiery window of opportunity to jump onboard with me for the sports betting ride of your lifetime!

Evan O'Meara, head coach of the Pasadena City College Lancers, says that I am "the best in the business!"

Evan O'Meara served for 10 years as head coach of the Pasadena City's Lancers' baseball program. He has coached numerous players to the professional leagues over his storied career.


Here's a sneak peek at how I spent of one of my days:

Crack up an obnoxious smiley grin after placing a bet on one of my personal picks:


  Watch hilarity ensues as my team kicks some tails and embarrasses its foe:


Take a deep breath before strolling out to my personal Lamborghini:

  Arrive at the sportsbook. Locking eyes and at all the fine ladies along the way!

Come in and collect $21,997.80 in cold, hard cash winnings!


"Just imagine...What would you give
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Now, let's be realistic here that you probably won't be cashing in on tens of thousands in winning bets on each and every single day of the year without fail. In fact, when it comes to betting you always need to be prepared for the prospect of also losing on your bets. No sports handicapper, however legendary they may be, will ever get you 100% undefeated wins for eternity.

But how would you feel to tap into the same set of my powerful sports picks that have historically generated mind-blowing winning margins? Well, it's time to stop wishing! My friend, you're now just one click-button away from possibly beginning to explode your income by betting on my killer picks.


Jeb Andrews, PhD, CEO of Clinical Trials of America, says: "Thanks for your work on The Champ Picks! I'm kicking ass and taking names! Rock on!"

Jeb Andrews, PhD, serves as the prestigious CEO of America's leading clinical trials organization: Clinical Trials of America

My lifestyle is only in existence if I can continue picking winners. Every day, my members can have their fortunes riding on the same picks that I release. Many of these members have been with me for years, and attest to the incredible winning consistency of my selections!

My distinguished math and handicapping background, access to private sports information, and a ruthless work ethic beyond every measure all come together to provide me an uncanny ability to deliver to you the finest resulting selections.

George Stamatakis is $30,000 deep in debt after his failed business venture took him for everything he had. He now relies on betting along with my daily personal picks to make money to pay back his enormous debts. As George puts it in his heartfelt testimony: "I've been with The Champ Picks for 6 weeks now, and I've managed to turn $50 into $500!"

George Stamatakis's enormous debts from his failed business venture have him deep in $30,000 worth of balances to pay off from his credit card and personal loans.

It's the most efficient way to bet on sports:

Step 1:  I do all the extensive research for YOU.

Step 2:  Place the bets I recommend to you each day with your sportsbook.

Step 3:  Relax, kick back and watch the potential profits come pouring in!

Now, we should be mindful that past results don't guarantee future performance, but I have laid out my full documented record as I have it to give you a full bird's eye view of how my picks have panned out over time. When my picks cash in, it will be just as if somebody is handing over to you a big, fat bag of cash as soon as the sports games are over by the end of the evening!


Professional basketball player Derric Croft says: "I am amazed and quite frankly astonished at your ability to pick winners day in and day out!...There is nobody better in the country as far as I'm concerned...AMAZING might be an understatement. I'm a believer for LIFE because the proof is definitely in the pudding!"

Derric Croft was a professional basketball player. After a historic run at San Diego State as a supremely talented point guard, he continued his storied career internationally as a professional basketball player. Once his professional career ended, Derric's mismanagement of his money eventually led him to financial ruins. Derric's peak of devastation was realized when he saw that he had exactly $71.56 left in his bank account, and an insurmountable credit card debt that he couldn't pay for. That's when Derric finally turned to The Champ Picks as his beacon of hope to turn his life around.

More wagers are made today in sports than ever before. BUT...don't settle for less. Jump onboard today with the best handicapper your money can buy and start potentially creating the betting profits you've always wanted!

Every pick I send out is relentlessly researched before the resulting determined selection:

  1. Every selection is carefully and delicately hand-picked.

  2. My prolific resume includes a distinguished mathematical and statistical background to go along with an extraordinary handicapping history.

  3. I've been immersed into the world of sports betting since birth, and my insatiable fascination has never stopped growing!

  4. At my command is a complex software that simulates actual games played up to tens of thousands of times over with numerous different variables to determine how they would most likely break down and play out.

  5. As an obsessive sports fanatic at heart, my livelihood depends on picking winners!

  6. Picks are thoroughly determined through untold hours of painstaking research by me or my team.

  7. My extensive insider connections coupled with an extraordinary mastery of statistics make for one deadly lethal combination!

  8. On any given night, bettors can have up to millions riding on the same picks I release. Many of my members depend on me for their fortune!

  9. All selections are conveniently emailed to you early every day to allow plenty of time for you to get in your wager from anywhere around the world!

  10. A proven track record of consistent, documented proven results.

  11. I've been widely labeled as one of the most recognized professionals in the industry, with a reputation that has spread like wildfire since day 1 of my career.

  12. Unmatched dedication to my work -- Most waking minutes of my day are spent glued to the sports pages either physically or mentally in an unbridled pursuit to determine for you the next big winner!

  13. My dazzling handicapping expertise spans in numerous areas including Professional Basketball, Baseball, and American Football!

  14. Thousands of unique, genuine testimonials from ecstatic winning customers through my betting systems and personal picks over the years.

  15. My accolades have been sung by scores of well-known sports websites and publications.

  16. One-on-one personal guidance offered to every member of my service for life.

  17. I have zero tolerance for mediocrity. My best picks to you are guaranteed!


Secure your access to "The Champ Picks" today, and you'll also gain entry into my powerful star rating bankroll management system. Each of my pick will be rated by a star rating system where you'll be basing your staking sizes comparatively to the strength of my selections. It's as simple as it is remarkably efficient to manage your bankroll with proper staking sizes where you'll be sizing your stakes proportionately to the strength of my picks!

Casino employee turned into my loyal customer: Wee Chua was a supervisor of the casino. He used to oversee VIP players who'd wager up to $600,000 per bet. Now, he's converted to being as a bettor with my daily personal picks. He says: "So far, I've already collected around $4k within the three weeks!...This is like giving a license to print money freely every day!"

Wee Chua went from working for the casino to becoming a loyal customer of "The Champ Picks"



The secret to happiness are health and money. If your health was in danger, you’d be foolish to try and treat it yourself than to seek out the help of the most skillful doctor…

Why then, would you ever take a chance on your hard-earned-money in gambling without conferring the advice of a leading handicapping expert!?

Of course…you might believe that you’re competent enough to pick out winners on your own…but so do the 96% of usual bettors who flush away their fortunes daily to the bookmakers! Let me put you into a interesting scenario here…

"Let’s say that you are faced
with a life-or-death situation..."

You’ve been captured by an unknown enemy, and forced to bet on sports every day for a full month. If you show profits at the end of the month, you’ll be released harm-free. If you fail to make a profit, then you’ll immediately be shot to death on the spot at gunpoint.

Would that be a scenario you’d place yourself in?

How confident are you that you’ll make it out alive?

Like most, you’d surely be shaking in your boots given such a scenario. That’s because you’re not 100% confident in your own ability to make winning picks and show a profit over long term.

Now, if that’s true… then my question to you is: Why on earth then would you be risking your hard-earned-money betting on your own in the first place?

It’s foolish to take any chances on your hard-earned fortune in something you’re not that confident about to begin with!


Major Jeff Urban, recipient of the prestigious Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the third-highest ranking military medal issued by the U.S. Department of Defense, says he was up 29-17 by betting on my personal picks in less than a month!

Jeff Urban is a decorated major of the U.S. military who received numerous prestigious medals throughout his years of service, including the great Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the 3rd-highest award bestowed upon members of the U.S. military by the Department of Defense. His heroic body of work granted him the distinguished U.S. Presidential Nomination #PN1963-108.

After years of heroic work earning him numerous prestigious military decorations, Jeff Urban is now physically handicapped. His disability is so far-reaching that he has lost the ability to properly write with his hand. He relies on my daily personal picks to generate income for him.

"It's time for you to stop
gambling and start investing!"

As a sports handicapping veteran who lives, eats, and breathes sports, I've cultivated throngs of powerful relationships with circles of influential figures in the sports industry, including athletes, odds makers and sportsbook directors across the world to bring forth to you my strongest possible selections day in and day out!

Captain of the U.S. Air Force Mark Schlothauer, D.D.S. says he was able to take his family to Disneyland with the winnings he amassed by betting with my daily personal picks!

Mark Schlothauer, D.D.S. was a Captain of the U.S. Air Force. He's now a respected dentist and Vice President of the State Dental Association


Why Should You Join?

Reason #1: I am passionate about sports and statistics--They are my life. I spend untold hours meticulously going through sports games, examining every possible circumstance surrounding the games, betting odds, players, injury reports, playing condition, historical trends, simulation data, and a mountain of other vital statistics to determine only the finest possible resulting selections.

Reason #2: I'm known for an uncanny ability to spot and exploit value in the line, a work ethic second to none, and a boundless desire to appease my members beyond any length.

Reason #3: I have one of the most prolific sports betting track records in history. From the wildly popular invention of the Exterminator Betting system that has changed the landscape of the gambling industry, to a life dedicated to sports handicapping, my reputation is thoroughly established.

Reason #4: I have extensive insider connections. My far-reaching network of broad insider connections allow me to have access to crucial information that others would never be aware of.

Reason #5: An unrivaled work ethic beyond any form of measure. My days are spent delving into the sports database to try to establish for you the next big winner.

Reason #6: I have a reputation that has spread like wildfire since day 1 of my professional career. The truth is, sports handicappers who don't win usually don't stay in business for very long. The extensive longevity of my business speaks volumes about the integrity of my service.

Reason #7: Thousands of satisfied customers. A glorious track record of thousands of ecstatic customers singing praises to my name has helped spring-boarded my illustrious reputation throughout the sports betting industry!

Reason #8: I have zero tolerance for mediocrity. When clients come to me, they know that they are only getting the best picks that I can possibly deliver!

Millionaire entrepreneur Greg Gallert was able to buy a new car and go on vacations after betting along with my picks. He says: "I am collecting $500-$1000 weekly on your picks, I had to restructure my betting as my bookie has limited my wagers!...I am able to add another car and take a couple much needed vacations!"

Greg Gallert can tell what's a good investment. He has taken a $3M company to making $24 Million per year.

"Every game on the board is thoroughly
 and systematically analyzed to ensure only the finest resulting selections."

Even if you're the type who's scared to death of taking the slightest risks - my personal picks can have you shed away all your fears as you begin your legendary embarkment on this window of opportunity for sports betting profits.

As long as you can spare a few minutes of your time a day placing bets, you have the potential right now to let loose of all your past disheartening failures and start banking in the wins that you've always fancied about!


Martin Dawson, teammate of Tony Jacklin, winner of the U.S. Open and The Open Championship, says: "I made the decision this month to forget all the other systems and invest my hard-earned money solely on The Champ's Personal Picks and it was the best decision I could have made!"

Martin Dawson played alongside the U.S. Open and Open Championship winner Tony Jacklin

Martin Dawson's first feedback about my picks a few weeks into his membership:

Months later, Martin Dawson sent me his newest followup update:

Benjamin Franklin once famously stated that “time is money.” In today’s world, that can’t be any closer to the truth.

How many hours of exhaustive research do you put in each day in your quest to uncover a winning edge in sports? The harsh reality is that most serious bettors toil countless hours every day in their hopeful attempt of beating "the man." The even harsher reality is that they still lose over long term!

As unfortunate as it may be, countless bettors who’ve trashed away thousands of their hours in straining research are still drowning in long term losses! Be a part of this crew, and you’ll be wasting both your time, and your money!

Get onboard with my personal picks today before the bookmakers clean out your wallet and laugh all the way to their bank!

Legendary philanthropist Ari Adler Brotman is the prestigious 3-time winning recipient of Mexico's National Housing award, bestowed in the National Palace by the President of Mexico. He says: "I think your personal picks are one of my best investments!...The money I've made with your picks have helped me with my philanthropic endeavors."

Ari Brotman won the Mexico's National Housing award 3 separate times as the best low income housing developer in Mexico. He received this prestigious recognition in 2006, 2007 and 2010. Ari is now a dedicated, fulltime philanthropist who develops housing for free for the poorest citizens of Mexico. His foundation will be giving away 5,000 homes this year. Ari Brotman is ranked by numerous Mexican publications as one of the top 100 most influential people in Mexico. He devotes his sports betting winnings to charity and philanthropic works.

A dreadful losing streak is an all-too-familiar story to any gambler. For most sports bettors, they’ll blame it to bad luck. BUT:

"Losing your bets probably had nothing to do with luck. The bookmakers have just simply knocked you down…"

…And when you get knocked down, you get back up, right?! The problem here is…most bettors would get back up and make the SAME MISTAKES again! How many times must you be knocked down before you finally start trying something different?

Albert Einstein once famously stated that “Insanity is doing the same thing over and
over again and expecting different results.”

So stop being a punching bag to the bookmakers, and employ a world-class “champ” today to do all the fighting for you!

Ralph Sims' ferocious spendings at a young age has left him in 3 credit card debts totaling around $20,000.00! He now uses my personal daily picks to help pay off his enormous debts. He says: "I have been a follower of your picks for many years...I cannot thank you enough for blessing us with your expertise!" 

Ralph Sims' ruthless spendings from a young age has left him in despair with about $20,000 worth of credit card debts. This is a screenshot of just one of his credit card balances.


You know what? The lights in Vegas stay on not because gamblers are winning. The bitter reality is that a great majority of bettors fail to make a profit from their craft. Most of them set out with the highest of hopes, but that sweet honeymoon is always quickly shattered as soon as they realize the monumental difficulty attached to winning at sports over long term.

"Don't let that be you.
Yes, I said it - If you bet on sports on your own hunches without me on your side, chances are almost certain that you won't make diddly-squat!

Yes, I can be brutally honest sometimes. But listen, I can't be sorry for telling you that, as unpleasant as it may sound, because I really don't want to see you flushing away your hard-earned money to the sportsbooks. I'd rather see you gnashing your teeth at me now than risking the chance that you'll throw away your well-deserved income because of mindless gambling.

Yes, there can be a lot of money to be made betting on sports...but let me make this clear: Don't try this at home. At least not alone. You'll most likely end up losing. Trust me. The sportsbooks wouldn't be so eager to take on people's bets if they aren't winning a great majority of the time. Join forces with a world-renowned handicapper of the generation today and you can start making your wagers with confidence!

Celebrity chef Chris Finn says: "Your picks have come into their own!"

Chris Finn spent 33 years as a prestigious gourmet chef for the rich and famous, including rock stars, royalties, performers, and various other celebrities.

Professional bull rider Travis Rowe says that my picks have worked out so well for him that he's ready to quit his job and just bet along with my personal picks!

Travis Rowe was a professional bull rider. He traveled all over the United States to compete in various bull riding competitions.

"That's just incredible!
much does this all cost!?"

Let me ask you that question first instead. How much would you shell out to receive my personal, full-blown dedication to sending you every pick I make, every day, and take you along for the sports betting ride of your life with me starting as early as tonight?

I'll be sweating away hours at the sports sheets to come up with the best possible selections I can determine as you sit back, throw your bets out there, and party as the winnings potentially come flying in!

Just think about it for a second: how much would you honestly pay to have that kind of a sumptuous luxury?

$1,000 a week? $2,000 a week?

Now here's my shocking surprise: If you take action today, you can come join me in my private winners circle for as little as just a few dollars a day!

Chief Financial Officer of U.S. Microbics, Inc. and SubSurface Waste Management, Inc. says: "I think your personal picks is the best system I have received from you!...I have increased my fund from $450 to $1,050. Better than a 200% increase!"

Conrad Nagel serves as the prestigious CFO of 2 major U.S. companies: U.S. Microbics, Inc. and SubSurface Waste Management.

"For less than what you'd spend on a cup of Starbucks coffee, you can leap onboard to my sports selections right now and race across the superhighway to betting stardom starting as early as tonight!"


Stop mindlessly drifting through your betting performance, and start controlling it. Stop going through life, and start living it. If you've ever blown your last dollar on the latestt "lock of the day""- -- The search is over. You can now secure access to the same betting picks that have established my reputation unlike any others in history!

For your sake, and for your family's sake, the time is now to break free from the risks of gambling on your own hunches. Act today and you can legally steal my most closely-guarded betting selections to make them your own every day, and finally begin placing your bets with confidence!

70-year-old cancer patient Jessica Hitchings from Australia knows very little about American sports. She's sick with cancer, and is required to be on hormone tablets. Jessica has to make long trips in spite of her advanced age to get painful needle treatment for her cancer every six weeks. She relies on my personal picks to generate income to cover her massive expenses. Jessica says: "I am wholly and absolutely convinced that your personal picks are the greatest money spinning engine that I have ever come accross!"

Every 6 weeks, 70-year-old Jessica Hitchings is required to make long travels for painful needle treatment for her life-threatening disease of cancer.

Jessica Hitchings first received my personal picks back in November 2014. Here was her first email to me back in November 2014. As you can see, Jessica was still showing signs of great skepticism at this time:

3 months later by February of 2015, Jessica begins to acknowledge that my picks are outstanding:

2 months later by April 2015, Jessica continues to confirm the strength of my picks:

2 months later by June of 2015, Jessica now says that she is finally "convinced." She also acknowledges that she knows nothing about American sports.

1 month later in July of 2015, Jessica continues her raving testimony about my selections, calling me a "marvelous tipster."

By the end of July 2015, Jessica now declares that I am the "greater tipster ever!"

1 month later in August 2015, Jessica now proudly confesses: "you are the best tipster I have ever seen!"

Finally, Jessica sent to me this latest testimonial just a few days ago with her most glowing testimonial yet! She swears: "You are an absolute wonder I am wholly and absolutely convinced that your personal picks are the greatest money spinning engine that I have ever come across!"


So there you have it! Over a 1-year period, 70-year-old cancer victim Jessica Hitchings went from being highly skeptical about my picks, to becoming one of my most staunch, loyal, and dedicated supporters. Over the progression of the 1-year period, you can methodically see how as Jessica became more and more convinced with each passing month. By the end of the year, she became so convinced that she unequivocally calls my personal picks to be "the greatest money spinning engine that I have ever come across!"

And remember, Jessica made it all work while living in Australia and barely having any knowledge about American sports!

Why Is This So URGENT?
(And why you can't afford to let another minute come to pass!)

The sports season is in full swing right now, and every minute that goes by is another minute closer to the end of the season. Don't allow another day of betting profits to go to waste. Every day that you're not betting on my picks is another day you may just be crumpling up your money and tossing them into the garbage dump!

"Watch in awe as I take you through the remarkable first-person perspective of one of my customers' astonishing experience with my picks as he was able to win $20,000.00 in cold hard cash after 1 year of betting with my personal selections"

John first became a customer of my daily personal picks on August 17, 2014. Below was his order receipt on this day, which was the start of his incredible journey:

About 6 months later on January 18, 2015 I sent John an email to check in with him on how much he has already been able to win so far by betting along with my personal selections. John proudly declares that by this time he was up by $9,000 in winning profits by betting on my personal picks:

Then almost 12 months later, John sent me this followup email below on July 27, 2015 summarizing his awe-inspiring experience of being a part of "The Champ Picks" over the last year. Within less than 1 year, he's already easily amassed a fortune of $20,000 in winning profits by betting along with my picks:

You see, any wisecracker can go on a "lucky streak" and pick winners for several days, weeks, or even month and claim they're the best thing since toilet paper...

But I want to take you by the hand and show you a real first-person perspective of one of my customers who details his remarkable experience of betting along with my daily personal picks over the last year. I want you to see this yourself because I want you to have the peace of mind and confidence that the incredible consistency of my picks have truly stood the test of time.

Anyone can just get "lucky" and go on good winning run for a week. Hell, a blind monkey can have a lucky win streak if he just keeps throwing darts on the board. But going on a hot streak for an entire year, and making $20,000 in winning profits for my customer during this span is no luck. It's a testament to my exceptional handicapping capability.

"Coach Of The Year" Larry Salisbury, one of girls basketball's greatest coaches, honored by the 43rd President of the United States George W. Bush, testifies in writing that my personal picks have done "extremely well" and made him money:

Larry Salisbury earns the prestigious distinction of being one of girls basketball's greatest coaches. His coaching prowess was so remarkable that the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush, actually reached out to Larry directly, and personally sent him a letter to honor his greatness as a basketball coach. He was awarded the honor from the former U.S. President for his outstanding achievements after 28 years of coaching winning seasons in sports!

Larry Salisbury signed up to my personal picks last August. After seeing the mind-blowing results of my personal selections within just 2 weeks of signing up, Larry sent me a handwritten letter testifying to the strength of my selections.

Then, 2 months later into his membership in October, Larry sent me a followup testimonial to attest to how well my picks have continued to perform for him:

Then, 6 months later into his membership in January, Larry sent me his latest update, testifying once again about the strength of my selections over the span of his 6-month long subscription to "The Champ Picks:"

You see, becoming a member to my personal picks can be a life-changing experience. The masses of testimonials sent in to me by customers of my personal picks from all over the globe have made it clear that my picks have emphatically changed the lives of countless people across the world in incredible ways. Hearing the remarkable journeys from thousands of my members is a truly emotional experience. Now, I want to make you my next big success story!

This small investment you make in my service can have the potential pay for itself tenfold by tomorrow!

Don't allow your sports betting ventures to be left completely to chance. Arm yourself with the command of a preeminent handicapper in the industry today and you can start investing on sports rather than just gambling on sports!


Doctor Brent Cale, M.D., nationally-recognized doctor of sports medicine and musculoskeletal abnormalities, says: "I have amassed about $5,000 just in one month!"

Brent Cale, M.D., is one of the nation's most renowned doctors of sports medicine and musculoskeletal abnormalities. He has received numerous prestigious accolades throughout his career, including being the multiple-time winner of the Patients' Choice Award.




Sonasi Samita is a broke and disease-ridden man diagnosed with diabetes, kidney failure, gout, heart problems, and blindness. He sent to me a tear-inducing personal handwritten letter about how my daily personal picks have totally transformed his life! Sonasi says "I believe that it is God's divine providences that he has brought me to you, as with hundreds of other people you have helped!"



"I can't wait to get started!
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P.S. Every minute you sit and wonder over whether or not to jump aboard my personal betting selections is a minute closer to the end of the season.

P.P.S. Every day that you're not betting on my picks, you're possibly just flushing your money down the toilet!

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